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Why Demand Forecasting Is Crucial for a QSR Food Supply Chain 

Modern Restaurant Management

More regional stores are more vulnerable to unscheduled events such as hurricanes, tornados and similar disrupting supply chains. So if you’re only analyzing data from a singular event to inform food supply decisions, you could end up with a whole lot of wasted food. External Data Intelligence and Solutions.

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Building School Food Supply Chains Rooted in Community

Chef Ann Foundation

Because of their sheer scale, school meal programs have an outsized impact on the nation’s food system. Strengthening relationships between schools and community-based food system stakeholders can build more nourishing, sustainable, and equitable school meal programs. Vea esta página en español / View this page in Spanish

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Food supply contamination threat mentioned in UK risk register

Food Safety News

The likelihood and impact of contamination of the food supply in the United Kingdom have been assessed in an updated risk register. The UK government rated food supply contamination as four out of five for likelihood and three out of five for impact in the 2023 national risk register.

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Letter to Congress – protect our food supply, food workers and those food insecure during COVID-19

Bill Marler

What’s more, Congress should expand health care coverage by paying for medical treatment related to COVID-19, by increasing the federal share of state Medicaid expenditures, and by adopting policies to help unemployed food and farm workers obtain health insurance. Support farmers in need – Farmers are ready to meet regional food supply needs.

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Enhancing Safety and Adding Flavor: The Role of Additives in your Food Supply


Last week, I ran across a post on Facebook from a childhood friend denouncing additives in the food supply. I had to quickly scroll by, otherwise I may have been tempted to dispute the facts of the post. I realized that no matter how long I had known this individual, I was never going to [.]

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Understanding Supplier Responsibility and Liability in the Food Supply Chain

Food Safety Experts

Supplier Responsibility: Ensuring Integrity and Safety Suppliers play a pivotal role in the food supply chain, particularly under GFSI standards. Importantly, if a supplier knowingly purchases from an uncertified source, they compromise the supply chain’s integrity.

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Technology for Safer Foods & Supply Chain Resilience at reCONNECT 2023


As we look toward a future with a safer global food supply chain for all food technology innovations serve as critical enablers for success. But how do we get there?