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Food Preparation Systems

The Restaurant Warehouse

When applied to traditional food service establishments, a system is typically seen as something that does not belong and is not conducive to food preparation and serving the customer. Essentially, food service systems can be categorized into three groups: computerized or automated, semi-automated, and manual.

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Safe Food Preparation | 4 Basic Rules for Safe and Delicious Meals


Food preparation is a complex combination of various methods involving food handling, cleaning, cooking, and preserving to make the food edible and safe. Read the article to learn 4 basic rules and 5 essential techniques for food preparation!


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AI-driven kitchen automation is a transformative force


By Damon Shrauner In the ever-evolving culinary industry, AI-driven kitchen automation is emerging as a transformative force, reshaping the traditional paradigms of food preparation and service.

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Carniceria Guanajuato Salmonella Outbreak hospitalizes 17

Bill Marler

City officials gave guidance on safe food handling practice and proper cleaning to stop the spread, officials said. Inspectors instructed restaurant owners to clean and sanitize certain food preparation areas, install working thermometers inside restaurant coolers, and correct labeling of prepared foods.

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Strategies to Achieve a Zero Waste Kitchen

Burkett Restaurant Equipment

Zero waste in commercial kitchens is a sustainability goal that aims to minimize or completely eliminate waste generation throughout the food preparation and service process. This approach promotes responsible resource management and environmental stewardship....

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Consumer complaint of foreign object leads to recall of ground beef products

Food Safety News

The problem was discovered after FSIS received a customer complaint reporting that a foreign object was found during food preparation. These items were shipped to institutions in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin.

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Food Labelling in the Kitchen

Food Safety Guru

Some foods have a shelf life of 3 days (processed ham/smoked salmon, etc.) – use a Coloured Day Dot. But some foods have a longer shelf life of up to 28 days (bottled sauces, chocolate, jam, etc.) – use a HACCP label. Fresh Foods Prepared on Site Fresh foods prepared or cooked on site have a 3 day shelf life.