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Why Recipe Writing is Pivotal for Professional Kitchens

Modern Restaurant Management

If you want to make money selling food, you need good recipes. The recipe is the code you follow to produce that result. They’re going to run that code and execute that recipe in a way that doesn’t yield the same results because there’s not enough information. What Makes a Good Recipe?

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Festive Holiday Bar and Restaurant Cocktail Drink Recipes


Diving into the holiday season, what better way to celebrate than with some of the best new delicious holiday bar drink recipes? Whether you’re creating a menu for your bar, hosting a holiday party or just want to enjoy a tasty drink by the fire, these holiday cocktail recipes are the way to go. Pour into a mug and enjoy.

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A Recipe Roundup by Bon Appétit’s Black Culinarians

Bon Appetit Management Company

Inside, you’ll find a range of recipes reflecting our Black employees’ culinary skills, traditions, and creativity. From cherished family favorites to fresh innovations, these recipes offer a glimpse into the diversity of our kitchens and meals. When soup is fully cooked, remove it from the heat and let cool.

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‘Secrets of a Tastemaker’ – Delicious Recipes and Memories of Popeye’s Founder

Modern Restaurant Management

" Sharing over 100 recipes and behind-the-scenes-stories about larger-than-life Al Copeland, founder of Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken and Copeland's Restaurants of New Orleans. to come up with the perfect recipe. " The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. .

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Safety Training and a Strong Safety Culture: The Recipe for Mitigating Restaurant Risk

Modern Restaurant Management

The recipe for mitigating risk, keeping insurance premiums and claims low, and protecting the bottom line starts with the key ingredients of robust safety training programs and a strong safety culture.

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How well-written recipes can optimize productivity and profitability in the kitchen

FoodService Director

Raeanne Sarazen, author of “The Complete Recipe Writing Guide,” shares the secrets every menu developer needs to know.

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Seasonal recipes: The colors of autumn in your plate

Hospitality Net

As Hippocrates famously said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, here we are reminded that behind many seasonal recipes lie specific healing properties to help us best align with the time of year. Enjoy your meal as well as your health!

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